How to Grow Your Real Estate Business: It Takes Only A Few Minutes A Day
The real estate scene has always been a dynamic industry where in one day, an average agent can have two to three or even more house showing besides having a couple of listing appointments. In fact, a lot more can happen and meeting one client after another is just a little part of the hustle. It can get so busy that by the end of the day all you want is some quality time alone or with your family.
But wait…there is one more thing you need to squeeze into you daily schedule—a short routine that can help grow your real estate business.
All it takes is fifteen minutes or half an hour tops. If real estate is your business then growing it should also be your priority. It can only happen if you set aside time for this daily.
That time, as short as it may be, is the best time to focus and reflect on your brand. It is in those few moments where you can reflect on how deeply connected you are with your community. This may sound so simply but you would be surprised at how much difference this can make.
So sit down in a quiet place…maybe enjoy a cup of coffee while you are at it…then just think about your brand and where your brand is currently at. This is also a great venue for reflecting on your marketing strategies…whether or not you are pushing it hard enough.
Here are some things you can consider when you want to grow your real estate business
Use drip campaigns for cold leads
Just because a few cold calls have not been answered doesn’t mean that they are closed doors for all of eternity. Giving up is not an option so you knock on those doors, figuratively, of course! Why not include those cold leads into your drip campaign? Through this you are basically not giving up on the opportunity to connect with that potential client.
Did you know that Active leads get property alerts?
The better your CRM scores your leads the more potential sale alert your CRM will receive. How does this happen, it is based searches and log in activity. So it actually helps to take a look at the property view history of your hottest leads. Take a few minutes and dedicate it to observing the properties that they are interested in. Once you have gathered enough information you can contact those leads or drop them a note. Through this, you are letting them know that you are there if they need anything.
Use Social Media Be it Facebook or Twitter
Social media create the loudest buzz on what is going on with your community. The trends are good sources of information if you are in the hunt for potential leads. The more you search for potential clients the better chance you get at puting your brand out there. Facebook or Twitter is a great tool to use when you want to grow your real estate business.
Use social media to jump start your brand if you haven’t tapped into this yet. Again this takes only a couple of minutes of your time…
And of course make the call
It’s the point of looking for leads after all. So strike when it is hot and call that lead. If they pick up, then you have just expanded your reach. Do not be afraid if they do not pick up as, now you know, you can put them in your drip campaign.
Build brand exposure…one lead at a time…
And if you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, respond. Be active. Maintain engagement with your community.
All this can be done in less than an hour, right? It would not hurt to do this on your next coffee break.
And of course, at National Realty Guild, we provide you with everything that you need to help you grow your real estate business.