A Guarantee for Broker Partners

Why will I personally guarantee your success?  I have an active brokerage, I have an active sales team, I am a successful Realtor and I speak to you from the trenches.  I practice what I preach and I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

I had to invent every aspect of the business myself and it took thousands of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars.  When it came time to start recruiting, I just picked up the phone and started making calls.  I had called agents day after day only to be hung up on, chewed out, yelled at and blown off.  I sent out a couple of mailers too and it was mentally exhausting.  I was working a ton of hours and getting tired of the hard work and dreadful calls, but every now and then I’d find a great agent that would come over to the company.

After a while, Realty Guild (the original name of the company) consisted of a dozen or more of us and I was reaching my goals, so it was worth it.

Over the first few years, I entertained dozens of different sales gizmos, traveled to conferences, started paying for business marketing coaching and continued to spend a couple of thousand hours studying marketing methods.  After sampling and testing dozens of methods and theories, I finally started to obtain measurable results.  I discovered methods to get real estate agents to actually pick up the phone and call me to get information about joining the brokerage.

Before I knew it,  we were a company of 30, then 40, then 50 and all of a sudden 60+ agents had joined.  Success feeds on success, so my personal real estate sales had really taken off.  Almost overnight, I had created a business bringing in well over 100K, then 200k per year in profit.  I was so busy, that I needed to stop recruiting and effectively manage the business that I had in my hands.  I focused on each area of the company so I could make sure it was running efficiently.  this included every single aspect of having a successful personal real estate team and managing an entire office of 60+ real estate agents.

Work, work, work then there was money right?

Life is about filling your soul to the brim with personal satisfaction.  It’s about having the time and freedom to be able to enjoy life on your terms.  To be able to be either on a pleasure Trip scuba diving, flying airplanes, golfing or just laughing with your family in the back yard because you can and you don’t have financial worries.  I can do that…and you can too.

I’m willing to help minimize the trial and error in your experience and guide you along a more direct path.  Our Mission, at National Realty Guild, is to discover, validate and share proven systems and information amongst our members to enhance the quality of their practices.  We are an association of agents and brokers with the same goals.  Together, we achieve success extremely faster and spend ridiculously less money in the process.  National Realty Guild will connect you to an extremely valuable program worth tens of thousands of dollars at the most unbelievably low membership dues you could think of. This is only possible because of our non-profit, association-like model where membership dues are driven back into the company to create additional service offerings for members.

Don’t be stuck on an island of your own individual ideas, plug in now.  With my guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose and you’ll be plugged into a proven, guaranteed, step-by-step system to ensure a successful brokerage.

I look forward to speaking with you,

Randy Burg


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