In under 20 minutes, you can be transferred to our 100% Commission Program.

Are you a real estate professional who’s looking to

grow your realty business and get more clients? Then, National Realty Guild offers some of the best resources available to help you bring in new, reliable clients.

  • Commission Paid at the Closing Table (in states that allow it)
  • $500 Joining Fee-Paid at the first closing
  • Industry-Standard Buyer/Seller Admin Fee
  • 90/10 Commercial (With Experience)
  • 90/10 On Property Management With Caps at $495
  • Company Provided Personal Branding / Design Work
  • Lucrative Profit Share Program
  • No Technology Fees, no monthly dues and no annual dues
  • Full Support Team

Ask for a copy of our Independent Contractor agreement. Text 651-330-8000 or email

Why our 100 Percent Commission Progam is UNBEATABLE!

National Realty Guild Agents….

Enjoy all the benefits of big franchise without any of the hassles!

What is so special about National Realty Guild’s 100 Percent Commission Program?

Many brokerages offer similar programs. The 100%t Commission Program from National Realty Guild stands out because of one very important thing—it has no strings attached.  Everyone asks, “What’s the catch?” well, “There is no catch.”

It is a strategy based on pure compassion for the agents of National Realty Guild.  Real estate agents reap so many benefits from getting 100% commission.  Growing National Realty Guild means more than just having more agents closing transactions. Growing the brokerage rather means establishing a solid relationship with the agents so that, in turn, they can be proud to be part of the National Realty Guild family.

Extra income from each agent helps us invest in marketing platforms, in-house design support, technologies to be more efficient and so much more.   National Realty Guild builds bridges with the other realtors in the industry, this approach is more powerful than any other aggressive marketing strategy.

In plain and simple terms, National Realty Guild’s 100 Percent Commission Program is exactly what it says it is.

“It is very simple,” Randy remarked. “Our program is 100 percent.”